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PlanetDEM 30 Plus - Indonesia

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PlanetDEM 30 Plus - Himalayas

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PlanetDEM 30 Plus - Alps


Global 3D and elevation data

PlanetObserver presents PlanetDEM range of global elevation and 3D data available off-the-shelf, ready to enrich your solutions and applications.

High quality global elevation data

Many industry sectors are regular users of elevation data. Whether for the energy sector and oil and gas exploration, or for civil and military visualization and simulation solutions, good and reliable elevation information of the environment is essential.

In order to meet professionals’ needs, PlanetObserver has developed an advanced know-how in the field of elevation data processing and offers PlanetDEM range of global 3D and elevation products.

PlanetObserver takes advantage of publicly available elevation data provided by the NASA, USGS and other agencies. SRTM data at 90m and then 30m and ASTER GDEM v2 elevation product have been extensively processed by PlanetObserver. Although those datasets have been released in corrected versions, those do not always users’ requests in terms of quality, accuracy and coverage.

PlanetObserver has specialized in elevation data enhancement in order to offer off-the-shelf quality elevation products offering a global coverage of all emerged land.

After having produced PlanetDEM 90 and PlanetDEM 30 global elevation products, PlanetObserver presents the new global elevation dataset PlanetDEM 30 Plus.

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PlanetDEM 30 plus

New generation of global and seamless
Digital Elevation Model

Resolution: 30m