The Collaboration with Aerospace Valley Competitiveness Cluster

Happy to join Aerospace Valley ecosystem, the leading cluster of the Aerospace sector in the world.

The Collaboration with Aerospace Valley Competitiveness Cluster

The Competitiveness Cluster dedicated to the Aerospace industry

PlanetObserver is excited to become a new member of Aerospace Valley cluster. Aerospace Valley is the leading competitiveness cluster of the Aerospace sector in the world. It brings together the key players in the Aeronautics, Space, UAV and Embedded Systems sectors. This French cluster leads an internationally renowned, dynamic and excellence-driven network of more than 800 members, including 70% SMEs.

Being a member of Aerospace Valley means being part of the only community that gathers all the actors of the value chain. It has been fostering innovation and competitiveness of the Aerospace sector since 2005, to support the ongoing development of its members.

An efficient leverage for innovation and collaborations in Aerospace

Joining Aerospace Valley will allow us to achieve 3 objectives.

Firstly, PlanetObserver has been engaged in innovation and R&D projects for years already. Joining Aerospace Valley will give us additional support to set up innovative projects and develop partnerships with leading actors of the space industry.

Our second objective is to gain visibility within our ecosystem. Being a member of Aerospace Valley will be a very effective way to forge contacts with companies, research centres and educational institutions.

Thirdly, and most importantly, Aerospace Valley gives us access to a unique network in the space community. Therefore, this will help us grow our contacts and consolidate our position on markets in France and internationally.

After becoming member of the French Tech network last year, joining Aerospace Valley is the second step towards working in closer partnership with all actors of the Space and Earth Observation industry.

Are you a member of Aerospace Valley and you want to find out more on our activities? You want to discuss collaboration opportunities with us?

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