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Very High Resolution Imagery on Demand

VHR Imagery

Take advantage of detailed and precise VHR imagery for any area on Earth

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WorldView – Resolution: 30cm

Benefit from accurate and up-to-date imagery that is very powerful to detect small objects and provides a high level accuracy necessary for your projects to succeed.

WorldView 30cm satellite imagery allows you to see the world with great fidelity at any point on the globe. It is adapted to 1:1000 scale mapping.

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Jilin and BJ-3 – Resolution: 30cm

Get a unique and highly detailed comprehension of virtually any location worldwide through Jilin and BJ-3 30cm satellite imagery, adapted to 1:1000 scale mapping. Perfect for land resources management, environmental monitoring and urban planning.

For an enhanced visual experience, benefit from 15cm super resolution created from BJ-3 native 30cm imagery.


EarthScanner – Resolution: 50cm

With daily revisits to any point on the globe, EarthScanner satellite collects imagery with a 150km swath and 4200km continous imagery capability, perfect for large-area coverage.

EarthScanner satellite images have a 50cm resolution, perfect for large-area very high resolution mapping down to 1:2000 scale.

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Superview – Resolution: 50cm

The proven agility and reactivity of Superview satellites is a key asset to offer in-depth archives of high-quality satellite imagery anywhere in the world.

With 50cm resolution, Superview satellite imagery provides unique detailed geographic information, adapted to 1:2000 scale mapping.

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Benefit from Very High Resolution Imagery

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Benefit from current and ready-to-use very high resolution imagery data for all your professional applications.

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Detailed and precise

Rely on very high resolution imagery ideal for precision mapping
and in-depth intelligence.                                                                                                                    

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Available and reactive

Count on data available in record time, to meet the full spectrum of civil and military requirements.

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Anywhere in the world

Get access to very high resolution imagery for any spot on Earth.