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Enhanced 30m Global Digital Elevation Model

Rely on trusted elevation data for civil and military mapping and simulation solutions

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One Elevation Solution for your Global Operations

Power your solutions with elevation data offering a complete pole-to-pole coverage of all emerged land with a 30-meter and 90-meter grid spacing. Available as a Digital Surface Model (DSM), the data includes natural and human-made terrain features. Perfect for visualization, navigation, decision-making, in civil and military working environments.

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Seamless and Accurate Elevation Data

PlanetDEM is a totally enhanced, corrected and void-filled global Digital Surface Model processed with best available sources, including ALOS World 3D - 30m and NASADEM, and years of experience developing and improving elevation data. Access trusted 30-meter and 90-meter elevation data based on DTED standards (military standard) that ensure accurate analysis.

• 7m vertical and horizontal accuracy
• Correction of 36% of the source data tiles
• Proprietary data processing, correction and enhancements
• Defense industry track record


Ready To Integrate Global Elevation Data

Save time on data handling! PlanetDEM elevation data is ready-to-use in your prefered environment, from GIS applications, terrain modeling solutions, to military simulation and training tools. Offered in multiple formats, the product comes with thorough metadata and documentation.

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Rely on trusted global 30-meter and 90-meter elevation data
for civil and military mapping and simulation projects and solutions.

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Direct integration with leading GIS platforms and professional solutions

Easily use PlanetDEM elevation dataset in your prefered working environment.

  • Fast speed geospatial data rendering for an improved user experience.
  • Connect spatial content to your workflow in minutes.
  • Service available as a WCS (OGC standard).

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Tailored to your needs

Depending on your needs, from the most simple to the most demanding, we offer elevation data based on your specifications in terms of resolution, projection, file format and size.

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Choose your AOI

Get customized deliveries of your areas of interest, from a few square kilometers up to the global coverage.

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Free testing service

Check before buying! Enjoy a free data testing service with sample delivery before purchase. Test our elevation data in your own solutions to evaluate the quality and benefits that you will get.

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