Meet the Geospatial Team - Episode 1: Marie-Pierre

Get to know the PlanetObserver team in our new Meet the Team series. Meet Marie-Pierre in our first episode.

Meet the Geospatial Team - Episode 1: Marie-Pierre

Interview 1 : Marie-Pierre Boutin

Marie-Pierre Boutin, the Marketing and Sales Director at PlanetObserver, brings a wealth of experience to her role with over 22 years in the industry. Her contributions have been impactful in shaping the client service approach at PlanetObserver. Now, in an insightful Q&A session, let's take a closer look at Marie-Pierre’s perspectives, her role, and the specific strategies that set PlanetObserver apart.

1. In a few words, who is Marie-Pierre Boutin?

Hello, I'm Marie-Pierre Boutin, the Sales & Marketing Director at PlanetObserver with a well-documented history in the geospatial industry. I graduated with an MBA with a focus on International Business from Edinburgh University, Scotland. My expertise extends across International Project Management, Sales, Business Development, and I am also proficient in various Foreign Languages.

2. As the Marketing and Sales Director, how do you contribute to expanding PlanetObserver's market presence, and what strategies do you employ to reach new audiences?

In my role, I focus on creating dynamic marketing campaigns that showcase PlanetObserver's leverage in the market. We utilize digital platforms to actively engage with potential clients and the community. I also make sure the company’s website is always updated, portraying ourproducts, partnerships, and some trends in the industry.

3. What makes PlanetObserver's client service stand out in the competitive geospatial industry?

I emphasize the significance of personalized service at PlanetObserver. Our commitment revolves around understanding the unique needs of each client. The utilization of our high-quality products, coupled with the expertise of the team, ensures that our clients receive tailor-made solutions, keeping PlanetObserver a strong player in the competitive geospatial game. This kind of approach is what makes PlanetObserver stand out in the geospatial field.

4. Can you share an example of how PlanetObserver has gone above and beyond for a client?

At PlanetObserver, we've had a strong partnership with the Meteorological Service of New Zealand since 2016. We work closely with them to improve the tailor-made maps we provide. We set up a specific data process and upgrade plan that really impressed them, going beyond what they expected.

Marie-Pierre's favourite image - Mount Taranaki, New Zealand (source: PlanetSAT Basemap - Sentinel-2)

5. What's the process for onboarding new clients to ensure that they receive the best service from day one?

Our onboarding process at PlanetObserver is simple yet effective. It involves a comprehensive needs assessment, personalized suggestions, and continuous communication. This ensures that clients feel supported and confident in utilizing PlanetObserver's geospatial solutions right from the start.

6. What processes does PlanetObserver have in place to continually improve client satisfaction?

At PlanetObserver, we provide professional and high quality geospatial data that maximize the visual and technological performances of projects and solutions across many industries. We constantly work on keeping our products up-to-date, flawless, and effective.

7. During your time at PlanetObserver, what is a memorable experience you would like to share?

During my time at PlanetObserver, one of the most memorable experiences was organizing prominent exhibitions for UNESCO and the French Senate. Being part of these events allowed me to contribute to showcasing satellite images that portrayed the beauty of our planet alongside the stark reality of climate change. It was fulfilling to see how these exhibitions not only highlighted our work, but also raised awareness among visitors about the urgent need to address the impact of climate change.

In conclusion, Marie-Pierre's influential role as the Marketing and Sales Director at PlanetObserver is evident through over two decades of industry expertise. Her commitment to personalized client service, efficient marketing strategies, and a forward-thinking approach has significantly shaped the company's success.

Stay tuned for the upcoming Q&As with other members of the team. See you soon!

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