PlanetSAT Imagery Enhances the French Mapping Agency's Platform

PlanetSAT Imagery Enhances the French Mapping Agency's Platform

The Client

National Institute of Geographic and Forest Information (IGN)

The mission of the French National Mapping Agency is to produce, maintain and provide open-source geographical information covering France and its overseas departments and territories with data such as:

  • Aerial photography
  • Geographical databases and maps (topographic maps, road maps, etc.)
  • Satellite Imagery

IGN Geoportail is a comprehensive free-to-use web mapping service that is largely used in France. On top of that, this mapping platform is offered to professionals, including local authorities, and can be integrated into their GIS tools via API.

How does Geoportail differentiate from Google Maps:

  • Comprehensive map options are available: road maps, administrative maps, topographic maps, cadastral and building surveys, public service utility maps, transportation maps, hydrographic maps, atmospheric and weather maps, geological maps, land use maps, maps of cultural sites, etc.
  • Unusual cartographic sources are also accessible.
  • All maps and aerial photography may be combined and viewed in transparent layers controlled by the user.
  • Aerial photography generally has a higher resolution than what is available in Google Maps.

The Challenge

The Need of a Realistic Medium Resolution Basemap to Compliment the IGN’s Geoportail Data

The IGN recognized the growing demand for more comprehensive satellite imagery beyond the borders of France, in order to provide better services and user experiences for its local and regional authority partners as well as individuals. Covering the global environment in the Geoportail mapping platform was identified as a crucial aspect. To meet this need, IGN recognized the importance of integrating a global imagery basemap that would offer a consistent color balance similar to that of aerial photography.

The Benefits

Improved User Experience

Integrating PlanetSAT into the mapping platform of the French Mapping Agency can bring several benefits, including:

1. A Realistic User Experience: By integrating PlanetSAT basemap, the Geoportail mapping platform offers access to up-to-date imagery, rich in geographical context, allowing users to easily understand the areas they are interested in.

2. Consistent satellite imagery layer: PlanetSAT imagery basemap provides a consistent view of the Earth's surface, which means that users can access maps that have a uniform look and feel, regardless of the location.

3. Cross-bordered information: Users get access to not only satellite imagery covering France, but also to the whole world at the same resolution.

4. Added value for GIS Users: PlanetSAT’s imagery layer offers professional users more comprehensive geographic information, by adding global context not previously provided by aerial photography.

5. Navigation and Travel: Individuals benefit from Geoportail's detailed maps and satellite imagery to plan travel routes and navigate more accurately.

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