PlanetSAT Imagery Enhances Netherlands Government’s Mapping Platform

PlanetSAT Imagery Enhances Netherlands Government’s Mapping Platform

The Client

Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations of the Netherlands

The Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations (Dutch: Ministerie van Binnenlandse Zaken en Koninkrijksrelaties) is a governmental body of the Netherlands responsible for several important functions related to the internal affairs of the country. Its primary role is to ensure that the government functions effectively, that the Dutch citizens are protected, and that the constitutional and legal order is maintained.

The Ministry is responsible for a broad range of policy areas, including public safety, security, immigration, civil service, and local governance. It also oversees the relationship between the Netherlands and its constituent countries in the Caribbean: Aruba, Curaçao, and Sint Maarten.

Lastly, the Ministry also plays a crucial role in ensuring the stability and functioning of Dutch society, and its work is essential to maintaining the rule of law and democratic principles in the country.

The Challenge

How can the Ministry Enhance their Internal Mapping Platform ?

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Netherlands was faced with the challenge of enhancing their internal mapping platform with a global imagery layer. This issue was encountered because their mapping platform lacked a comprehensive global view, which limited their ability to make informed decisions and respond effectively to emergencies.

To address this challenge, the ministry needed to incorporate a global imagery layer that provides high-quality, up-to-date satellite imagery of the entire world. This would enable them to have a more accurate and complete understanding of the situation on the ground, allowing them to better plan and coordinate their efforts. Additionally, the global imagery layer would facilitate collaboration with other countries and organizations, which is essential for effective response to global challenges

The Benefits

A User-Friendly Solution

Integrating PlanetSAT into the mapping platform of the French Mapping Agency can bring several benefits, including:

1.  Global view of the world: PlanetSAT basemap layer provides a comprehensive and accurate global view of the world. This is essential to be able to quickly access accurate information about any location in the world.

2.  Up-to-date data: Every year, a new updated version of the basemap is made available to ensure that the imagery remains current and relevant.

3.  User-friendly: PlanetSAT is a seamless basemap providing vibrant colors of the Earth. The imagery is therefore easily comprehensible.

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