Great 3D Animations Based on Satellite Imagery and Elevation Data

Great 3D Animations Based on Satellite Imagery and Elevation Data

The Client

Kinship - Mitsubishi Motors Automotive Group

Kinship Marketing Agency is a full-service digital marketing firm that specializes in helping businesses and entrepreneurs reach their target audience and achieve their marketing goals. Their team of experienced marketing professionals is dedicated to providing a comprehensive suite of services that includes strategic planning, public relations, social media, and digital marketing.

The Challenge

A Motionless Trip Through Europe

Kinship has been in charge of the digital marketing campaign of the “Outlander PHEV” SUV of Mitsubishi Motors Automotive Group. This campaign shall focus both on the environmentally friendly aspects (this is a plug-in hybrid crossover) and first-rate technology.

How to translate Outlander PHEV SUV’s concept in a digital marketing campaign? The communication agency has imagined a journey…
Five passengers travel in Europe, from Paris to Norway, in the Outlander PHEV SUV. An adventure carried out in the spirit of exploration… Throughout the journey, meetings take place with influencers they admire. Those influencers are all experts and passionate in their domain, that range from fine French pastry, to photography and mountaineering.

This trip throughout Europe is broken into different stages:
• Paris – Rotterdam
• Rotterdam – Hanover
• Hanover – Malmö
• Malmö – Oslo
• Oslo – Bergen

How to depict such a journey through Europe? Kinship decides to show the trip on a highly realistic cartographic background. The whole trip will be displayed in a website dedicated to this large-scale marketing campaign.

For the project, Kinship is looking for attractive satellite imagery of Europe showing the diversity of all landscapes being crossed and stimulating traveling. Moreover, they also need files that are easy to manage and implement in their web application. Short delivery time is another important aspect of this project as the marketing campaign is to be launched rapidly.

The Benefits

Successful 3D Animation on the Web

These are the key benefits that Kinship gained by using our imagery and elevation data in their 3D animation.

1. Realistic landscapes: Kinship's 3D animation uses natural color satellite imagery to create highly realistic landscapes.
2. 3D touch: The animation includes elevation data, providing an additional 3D touch and immersive experience.
3. Vast journey: The animation takes viewers on a vast journey and opens up new horizons.

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