Mathieu Lehanneur Inspired by PlanetObserver Satellite Imagery

Mathieu Lehanneur Inspired by PlanetObserver Satellite Imagery

The Client

Mathieu Lehanneur

The French designer Mathieu Lehanneur is on the forefront of the international design scene. His designs are inspired by nature while exploring new technologies. The artist thrives on creating spectacular projects that are intended to enchant and to encourage wellbeing.

The Challenge

How to Recreate the World's Ocean Colors

For a collection of 50 faïence works, Mathieu Lehanneur sought detailed and accurate representations of the world's oceans and seas to serve as inspiration. He required the necessary information to select 50 distinct shades of blue for his collection and sought to depict the natural colors of these bodies of water to accurately capture their beauty and diversity.

The Benefits

Perfect Union Between Satellite Imagery and Design

These are the key benefits that the designer gained by using PlanetObserver’s satellite images for his artistic project.

• Customized collection: PlanetObserver team extracted custom HD images from PlanetSAT Global imagery basemap, based on Mathieu Lehanneur's selection of 50 spots across the globe.
• Enhanced natural colors: The final collection features 50 distinct shades of blue that showcase the diversity of natural colors of the world's oceans.
• Expertise in satellite images: PlanetObserver, with 30 years of experience in satellite imagery, was the ideal partner to provide high-resolution images for the project.

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