What are the benefits of medium resolution satellite imagery mosaics in GIS solutions?

What are the benefits of medium resolution satellite imagery mosaics in GIS solutions?

The Client

Hong-Kong Planning Department

The HK Planning Department was established witha mission to make Hong Kong a better place to live and work. They are in chargeof the policy portfolios of planning, land use, buildings and urban renewal in Hong Kong. In addition, they are responsible for the territorial development strategies. Their goal is to provide a broad planning framework to guide future development and provision of strategic infrastructures in Hong Kong.

In the past, the HK Planning Department had overlooked the proper use of land, the construction and buildings, and processes of urban renewal in Hong Kong. Therefore, they needed to come up with efficient solutions in terms of urban planning.

The Challenge

Up-to-date satellite imagery for GIS operations

Satellite imagery data are key components for urban planning. The Hong Kong Planning Department developed a comprehensive web-based GIS (GeographicInformation System) project to assist planners and engineers in all areas of urban and infrastructure planning.

To reach their different objectives, the HK Planning Department needed to analyze and explore not only their local environment but also their surrounding region which covers the whole of Southern China. In other words, they needed to provide the best imagery basemap for geographical reference to their engineers and planners.

The project was to use a 10-meter resolution imagery mosaic covering Southern China. The imagery would be used for visualization through a web-based GIS system aimed at all offices and departments within the Hong Kong SAR Government.

The challenge was to base their planning on an imagery mosaic that would be detailed enough to showcase their whole region of interest. Furthermore, they had set a number of key features to which the product had to conform, i.e.up-to-date data, homogeneous mosaic, and natural color processing.

The Benefits

SOLUTION – PlanetObserver global imagery mosaic

These are the key benefits that the HK Planning Department gained by using PlanetSAT basemap in their GIS solution.
1. Off-the-shelf and Ready-to-integrate Imagery: PlanetSAT imagery is orthorectified and mosaicked, providing organizations with the most accurate data, ready to be integrated into their GIS and mapping projects.
2. Customizable Data: PlanetSAT basemap can be tailored to meet specific project needs, providing organizations with the most relevant information.
3. Efficient Support: PlanetObserver offers efficient support, from the analysis of requests to the delivery of data.
4. Satellite Imagery Processing Expertise: PlanetObserver offers 30 years of expertise in satellite imagery processing to support companies and organizations in their mapping and GIS projects.

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