Temple University Picks PlanetObserver's VHR Satellite Imagery

Temple University Picks PlanetObserver's VHR Satellite Imagery

The Client

Temple University Rome Campus

Temple University Rome Campus, an international branch of Temple University, is based in Rome, Italy. This university focuses on education, community engagement, and collaborative projects. They also offer various courses, from Political Science, Art History, or Business and Architecture and are considered a hub for cultural exchange.

The Challenge

Finding the Right Tiber River Satellite Image for an Academic Project

Students of the Architecture Design Course recently worked on a project to better document the Tiber area and improve the connection between the city and the Tiber River.

A workshop by the name of “The Multidisciplinary Exhibition Tiber re-FOUND” was prepared by the students, under the supervision of their Professor in Architecture.

The students initially tried to find relevant images of the Tiber River area in Rome for their project and attempted to utilize Google’s satellite images. However, these images did not meet their requirements in terms of resolution and most images were incomplete. For that reason, they had to search for other sources for more suitable results.

The Benefits

Reliable and Accessible Data for Research

The use of Very High Resolution imagery from ONYX Space resulted in a variety of benefits for both the students and their project:

  • Enhanced Academic Research: Leveraging the Very High Resolution satellite imagery significantly improved the quality and depth of academic research conducted by Temple University Rome Campus students.
  • Improved Image Quality: The VHR satellite imagery provided offered notable resolution and clarity, allowing for detailed analysis and accurate interpretation of the Tiber River's features.
  • Effortless Access and Download: The straightforward onboarding process made it easy for the head of project to acquire and access the imagery, maintaining her focus on the academic part of the project.
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