IFE Moving Maps & Imagery in Display Interactive's Success

 IFE Moving Maps & Imagery in Display Interactive's Success

The Client

Display Interactive

Display Interactive is a French company with 15+ years of experience, specializes in enhancing the inflight experience for airlines and their passengers around the world. They work with many well-known clients, including airlines and companies like AEGEAN, AIRBUS, AIR FRANCE, AMAC AEROSPACE, and QATAR AIRWAYS.

Their commitment to quality and innovation has positioned them as a leading name in the IFE (InFlight Entertainment) industry, all while keeping user-friendliness at the core of their offerings. Whether it's movies, games or real-time flight information, Display Interactive strives to make airtravel more enjoyable and satisfying for everyone on board.

The Challenge

Crafting an Immersive Visual Journey

Display Interactive’s enhanced moving map, integrated into their UGO PAX, UGO 360, business jet and Display Executive offerings, is more than a mere visual guide; it's a gateway to an interactive and immersive in-flight experience. Understanding that passengers seek immersive, realistic, and visually appealing depictions of their journey, Display Interactive aimed to transform their moving map into an extraordinary visual exploration.

Display Interactive realized the importance of incorporating high-quality satellite imagery to bring their in-flight moving maps to life. They recognized that this key feature would enable them to offer passengers stunning and accurate visual representations of the landscapes below, forging a deeper connection between travellers and the world outside their windows. In turning a routine flight into a more engaging and memorable experience, the focus on satellite imagery became essential to their vision. In pursuit of this vision, they approached PlanetObserver, leveraging our stunning satellite imagery to further elevate the quality of their product.

The Benefits

Enhancing the User Journey: An Improved Overall User Experience

Our collaboration with Display Interactive led to the seamless integration of PlanetSAT imagery basemap, equipping their moving maps with a richness and precision that elevated the overall flight experience for passengers. This fruitful partnership resulted in real benefits that were felt by both their brand and their customers:

  • Enhanced Visual Experience: The integration of PlanetSAT global imagery basemap brought a superior visual quality to Display Interactive's moving maps, offering vivid and well balanced colors that connected passengers with the real world below.
  • Seamless User Experience: Our integration ensured a smooth and continuous experience, allowing passengers to transition effortlessly from a macro view of the globe to specific geographical details, enriching their flight journey.
  • Engaging Content for Passengers: The collaboration transformed the moving map experience into something more engaging and interactive. Passengers could do more than just track their flight; they could immerse themselves in visually appealing maps and explore the world from their seats.
  • Upgrading Brand Image: Our tailored imagery solutions allowed Display Interactive to enhance their brand image, positioning themselves as an innovative and customer-centric company in the highly competitive IFE industry.
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