PlanetObserver Capabilities 5: Ready-to-Use Geospatial Data

Explore how PlanetObserver's customized geospatial data solutions cater to the unique needs of various industries.

PlanetObserver Capabilities 5: Ready-to-Use Geospatial Data

In the fast-evolving world of geospatial technology, delivering user-adapted data that seamlessly integrates into existing solutions is crucial. At PlanetObserver, we provide ready-to-use geospatial data tailored to the unique needs of our diverse clientele. This fifth and final installment of our “PlanetObserver Capabilities” series showcases how our data solutions serve clients across various industries.

Adapting Data to User Needs

Display Interactive aimed to transform their in-flight moving maps into an immersive visual experience for airline passengers. They integrated PlanetObserver's PlanetSAT natural color global imagery into their UGO PAX and UGO 360 inflight entertainment solutions (IFE), enriching the visual quality of the maps and offering passengers an engaging exploration of their flight route.

At Temple University Rome Campus, architecture students needed detailed satellite images of the Tiber River for a project. Existing sources lacked the necessary resolution. PlanetObserver provided 30cm Very High Resolution (VHR) imagery from the BJ-3 satellite distributed by Onyx Space, enhancing the quality of their research and delivering easily integrated data.

Leading flight simulation providers, such as Boeing, Sogitec, and Thales, needed realistic and global imagery for training. PlanetSAT 10m imagery basemap provided the precision and realism required, integrating smoothly into existing systems and enhancing the simulated environments.

PlanetObserver serves various industries, from defense, aviation to entertainment. We customize our solutions for each sector. For defense, our data provides accurate and secure information for mission planning , strategic analysis and flight simulation. In entertainment and media, Our data enhance visual experiences in movies, planetariums, and virtual reality, as well as supporting press, publishing, and broadcasting. With our adaptable approach and customer centricity, PlanetObserver remains a trusted partner across industries, delivering tailored solutions worldwide.

Mt. Fuji, Japan - PlanetSAT 10m Imagery Basemap © RSA Cosmos

Ready-to-Use Data Solutions

At PlanetObserver, our ready-to-use geospatial data solutions are designed to seamlessly integrate into various applications, ensuring that our clients can leverage our data effectively and efficiently. Our solutions focus on three key aspects:

Seamless Integration

Our geospatial data is crafted for easy integration into existing systems. We understand that our clients operate in diverse environments with unique technological frameworks. Therefore, we ensure that our data products are compatible in terms of format, tiling structure and projection with a wide range of platforms and software, minimizing the need for additional adjustments.

As an example, PlanetSAT 10-meter basemap, PlanetObserver’s flagship product, is available off-the-shelf in diverse standard formats, including GeoTIFF, COG (Cloud Optimized GeoTIFF), and JPEG 2000. The GeoTIFF format, widely used throughout the geospatial and earth science communities to share geographic image data, ensures compatibility with various software and platforms. The Cloud Optimized GeoTIFF (COG) is specifically designed for efficient workflows in cloud environments, making it ideal for mapping platforms.

Additionally, JPEG 2000, a compression standard, offers improved compression performance over traditional JPEG, enhancing data storage efficiency. All these formats comply with OGC standards (Open Geospatial Consortium) and seamlessly integrate into all standard professional solutions.

Tailored Solutions

Every project has its specific requirements, and a one-size-fits-all approach rarely works. At PlanetObserver, we are committed to delivering customized solutions that address to the unique needs of our clients. Whether it’s for in-flight entertainment, or sophisticated flight simulation, our geospatial data is tailored to meet the exact specifications and technical requirements of each use case. We work closely with our clients to understand their objectives and deliver data that match their expectations.

As an illustration, our 10-meter imagery mosaic is regularly adapted into various formats and projections. For instance, for a client specializing in cybersecurity solutions, we supply PlanetSAT imagery and its annual updates in OpenStreetMap format (OSM) each year, covering different zoom levels down to level 14, facilitating seamless integration into their solutions. Similarly, for MetraWeather's weather graphics platform, we customized and merged PlanetSAT 10m imagery with PlanetDEM 30m elevation data to create specific maps tailored to their needs.

We leverage several tools to tailor our datasets, with one of the most notable being Global Mapper, an advanced GIS software. Global Mapper is invaluable for viewing, merging, importing, and exporting various vector, raster, and elevation data. This versatile software offers a comprehensive suite of spatial data processing tools and provides access to a wide range of data formats.

Commitment to Reducing Additional Processing

One of our core principles is to reduce the need for additional processing on the client’s end. By delivering data that is already formatted, adjusted, and ready to use, we help our clients save valuable time and resources. This simplified approach allows them to focus on their primary tasks without getting delayed by technical complications. By focusing on seamless integration, tailored solutions, and high-quality imagery, PlanetObserver ensures that our ready-to-use geospatial data solutions are both effective and efficient.

As we wrap up our series on "PlanetObserver Capabilities," it's evident that our dedication to customer-centric solutions and expertise has been the cornerstone of our approach. From sourcing geospatial data to crafting immersive satellite image mosaics, correcting imagery colors, and providing a reliable global elevation dataset, our commitment to delivering customized solutions that meet diverse needs have remained steadfast. We leverage our expertise to ensure that every client's unique requirements are met. Looking ahead, we will keep focusing on customer satisfaction and using our know-how to support innovation and quality across industries.

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